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Clients include condo developers, commercial builders and residential applications in some of Toronto’s most affluent neighbourhoods. Under the design leadership of Architects and designers, Nortem’s projects are diverse and unique.


The company is motivated by a robust approach that combines the best elements from traditional forms with a modern aesthetics. The results are an outstanding solution with a clear and seamless integration. Nortem’s panels punctuate the façade complimenting glass and stone, creating an unexpected warm and high end atmosphere with features that impress.

Nortem Plug in Panel is a one component that carries with it a unique playfulness to the use of Cladding in the Architectural World.  Nortem’s panel is an easy and simple approach to modern and contemporary inside and outside cladding.

Nortem is able to work with and around various types of insulation products  -  Blanket & Liquid foam being the most popular industry wide.

Considering that each project has its own set of circumstances that call for different recommendations.
Nortem's Technical personnel and expertise will design a Cladding system using vertical or horizontal girts to fasten and provide a robust and strong substructure to hold insulation batts and liquid foam applications.
Every insulation material has advantages and disadvantages. Your decision in selecting insulation materials will work well and not effect Nortem's Plug in Panel's properties serving to make the outside of your building functional as well as decorative.
Bring us your Architectural needs and allow us to make your project highly efficient and energy sound using the latest trends and materials in the insulation world.
Some insulating products do a great job at insulating because they spread evenly wrapping around any obstacles like the outlets, wires, pipes and ductwork. This type of insulation eliminates gaps and voids. Your project will not be compromised; Nortem's exterior cladding will make an affordable, low energy consumption facade when combined with your choice of insulation methods.

Typical Installation Process for Nortem Plugin Panels on Variety of Substrates.
Nortem’s Plugin Panel is capable of being installed multi directional on a variety of substrates such as concrete, cement blocks, plywood and dens glass. Depending on the nature of substrate, the installer must choose the appropriate building paper, either a weather barrier or waterproofing membrane such as Tayvek or Blueskin.

Nortem Corporation is an all Canadian Architectural Paneling Company with a demonstrated expertise in exterior Premium façade cladding.
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