Aluminum Composite Panel (ACM)

Aluminum composite Panels OR ACM Panels offers benefits above and beyond what traditional wall cladding materials are able to provide. Updating an older building or creating a vibrant, sleek, and modern new building isn’t as hard as you might expect. The use of Modern Exterior panels by designers and builders has increased dramatically in the last few years, and for understandable reasons. If you’re on the market for a product that will help modernize your building, it might be worth investing a little time in researching this versatile and easily maintained option.

Corrosion Resistant and Durable

One of the most interesting aspects of aluminum composite panels is their resistance to corrosion. They’re made from painted coils of aluminum which are cut and formed into panels in various sizes, shapes, and colors. Since aluminum is highly resistant to corrosion, they last an incredibly long time. Since the panels are painted, the risk of delamination is non-existent and chips and scratches are all but impossible. The only thing easier than maintaining ACM panel cladding systems from the most reputable fabricator is the installation of the product.

Installing ACM Panels

 The speed and ease at which wall cladding can be installed can be an important factor. With many renovation and new buildings, time lines can easily be missed. Luckily, ACM panels are fairly straightforward and go up very quickly once the groundwork has been laid out. First, aluminum rails are mounted directly to the walls. Once the rails are up, special trim is added around doors, windows, and any other openings in the wall. The first panel is carefully levelled at the top of the wall and mounted to the rails. Each subsequent piece in the row is installed below the first and mounted to both the rails and the previous panel via a tongue and grove system. It’s a surprisingly fast system that creates a breathtaking finish.

Warranty Backed

 Ensuring that your investment will last as long as possible isn’t always easy. One thing to look for is a comprehensive warranty. A warranty is great for two reasons. First, they can be a valuable indicator of the quality one could expect from a product. Second, they give customers peace of mind in their purchase by guaranteeing that the product of their choosing will stand the test of time. The most dependable manufacturers in the industry back their products with warranties of up to forty years. With a four decade promise, it’s hard to go wrong.

ACM and corrosion prevention panels can add beauty and a modern look to any new or existing building quickly, and cost-effectively. They’re easily installed and, when purchased from the best name in the business, are sure to last for decades to come. To learn more about the options available to builders and designers in the GTA, contact only the most professional and experienced manufacturer. They’ll be happy to provide you with an abundance of information and highlight items in their catalogue that will make your project look its very best.
Using a thin coat of aluminum on the exterior of the product creates aluminum cladding. It’s the application of one type of substance or material over a different material, essentially forming a protective layer on the underlying material.

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