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Facade Systems in Canada

metal cladding by nortem

Metal Cladding – An Architect’s Guide Part 1

Metal cladding has hugged the twists and turns of architecture for decades. From the punched tin of Louis Sullivan to the titanium swoops of Frank Gehry, designers have embraced metal cladding for its formal flexibility and finish. Its versatility in both avant-gardes as well as off-the-shelf is what makes it so popular. This material’s strength makes it difficult for

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Different types of exterior wall panels

Different Types Of Exterior Wall Panels

You need to think beyond aesthetics when choosing exterior wall panels. You must ensure that the cladding material is suitable for your local climate and conforms to local laws. They must also contribute to energy efficiency and minimal maintenance. You also have to balance durability and appearance while keeping your maintenance budget in check. Our

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Modern Siding Options:

best cladding articles
best cladding articles

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