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Here in NORTEM’s Blog we cover the best cladding articles and NEWS in regards to Building Envelope technologies, modern siding options and innovative facade systems in Canada.

Facade Systems in Canada

Commercial Panels Toronto

 ACM panels are quickly becoming the go to cladding option for designers and builders in the know. Understanding the benefits of this versatile architectural paneling system can be advantageous for anyone looking to spruce up an older building or to create a beautiful finish on new walls. The finest commercial panels Toronto has available are

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Aluminum Composite Panel (ACM)

Aluminum composite Panels OR ACM Panels offers benefits above and beyond what traditional wall cladding materials are able to provide. Updating an older building or creating a vibrant, sleek, and modern new building isn’t as hard as you might expect. The use of Modern Exterior panels by designers and builders has increased dramatically in the

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There are many options for Toronto homeowners who are either renovating or completing a new build to protect the exterior or the structure. Each material, (brick, wood, metal, vinyl,) has its own list of pros and cons – but one material stands out from the rest when comparing benefits. Aluminum has many features that compliment

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Cassette Panels Cladding

It would be wise to explore architectural metal cladding and specially cassette panels when looking around for options to modernize an old building or create a sleek, smooth finish for a new project. Metal cassette cladding has been around for a while, but it wasn’t until one fabricator started winning design awards and critical acclaim

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Ontario Aluminum Paneling System Stylish

Old or New: Metal Cladding Systems Build Style  Ontario builders and architectural designers have an exciting opportunity to channel the natural benefits of aluminum for many applications. Corporate brands including restaurants, retail outlets and banks are consistently reinventing themselves. Buildings their brands embody are easily recognized by the style of their “bricks and mortar.” Think of

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Rainscreen Cladding Systems

What are Rainscreen Cladding Systems?  In construction terms, a rainscreen is a method of installing wall cladding in a manner that allows drainage of moisture before it can build up and cause potential damage to the wall. The rainscreen refers to the wall paneling and more specifically how it installed as a barrier against the elements.

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Toronto Exterior Cladding - 100 keele

Exterior Cladding in TORONTO, Canada

Toronto is well-known as a diverse and forward thinking city on the grow, but what’s lesser talked about when we build new skyscrapers is the amount of buildings which have long outlived their aesthetic appeal. There are a number of ways to give your home an updated and sophisticated facelift, however many of these come riddled

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Sustainable Cladding Products

Sustainable Panels in the GTA In today’s world of renovation, consumers are looking for more than just a pretty façade – they are looking for a quality product that can stand the test of time, and also to reduce their carbon footprint by installing an environmentally sound material. Sustainable panels in the GTA are popular, metal

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Vancouver Metal Cladding - NORTEM - Photo by Marco-Tjokro

Metal Cladding in Vancouver, BC

Are you looking for a way to revitalize your home without breaking the bank? Vancouver metal cladding is changing the way home and business owners modernize their structure’s appearance and this revolutionary service is making a big impact on your presentation. Vancouver Metal Cladding Vancouver is home to some of the most ambitious real estate and commercial

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Modern Siding Options:

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