Exterior Design Elements for the Modern Home

When it comes to residential properties, it’s not just what’s on the inside that counts. On the contrary, a well put together home exterior with a slick, contemporary design can attract prospective buyers and appreciative admirers from all over your neighbourhood.  By the same token, real estate insiders reveal that cosmetic adjustments to the exterior of your home can dramatically improve its curb appeal, adding thousands of dollars to its real world market value.

So how do you go about increasing your home’s equity, while wowing visitors in the process? Here are five modern design elements you have to incorporate in your home’s exterior design.

It All Starts From Function

 When considering which details to implement, to enhance your home’s exterior; remember that the first rule of modern home design is that all form flows from functional use. That means any ornate patterns, trims or moldings that don’t serve a practical purpose, have to go. To achieve a truly contemporary look; you need to be able to blend aesthetic appeal with structure and strength.

Ex cladding is a great place to start. These panels can be applied to the exterior of any property, and are often seen on the façade of new residential renovations. You can find cladding in a variety of materials including wood and vinyl, but most popularly in various metal finishes. Amongst these aluminum or ACM panels have been the most widely used in recent years.

Metal cladding acts as an additional barrier against harsh weather conditions; it also acts as an insulator preventing air leakage. To add to these vital structural functions, ACM panels are also slick, minimalistic and ultra-modern, making them a great functional and aesthetic choice for any home.

Stick to a Limited Colour Palette

 Modern home design tends to favor neutral tones with a few bold colours to accentuate particular elements of the property. Pastels and dark neutrals are particularly popular in contemporary homes, and accompanying features such as the door, roof, and awning can be painted in more ostentatious shades to contrast.

If you’re looking at painting a light summer home, look for lavenders, beiges and whites to drive home that light, airy feel. For a more urban look, go for a dark gray or light grey with metal cladding to complement your industrial chique.

Add Exterior Lighting

 Exterior lighting often goes overlooked when designing the modern home, but a few functional light installations implemented at the right spot can give your home a shiny, translucent quality that’s hard to find anywhere else.  Solar lights and lanterns can be used to add warmth to outdoor dining, and patio areas; while more luminescent white LEDs can bring out the luster of your metal wall cladding.

Go Natural

 It’s no secret that contemporary designers love adding natural textures to home interiors; but this approach is less often seen in exteriors. Exposed brick chimneys, and roofing are a great way to achieve this rustic quality; another option is to choose a natural wall cladding like copper, zinc, stone or wood. While copper and zinc, both produce a beautiful natural patina over time, stone can add an elegant natural quality to your home exterior.

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