There are many options for Toronto homeowners who are either renovating or completing a new build to protect the exterior or the structure. Each material, (brick, wood, metal, vinyl,) has its own list of pros and cons – but one material stands out from the rest when comparing benefits. Aluminum has many features that compliment Canadian climate, particularly the drastic seasonal differences in Ontario.
 Natural Benefits – When aluminum comes into contact with moist, salty air comes into contact with its surface, a chemical reaction occurs creating an oxide coating. This naturally protects the exterior of the metal siding. Especially from Toronto climates, given the humid summers and blustery winters in which salt is spread generously throughout city streets. Compared with other exterior materials, aluminum is naturally a better insulator. Energy bills can be drastically reduced with better insulation in the winter and trapping coolness from the air conditioner in the summer. Brick and wood absorb moisture, making aluminum the better and safer choice for protecting the internal structure.
 Creative Freedom – Metal siding, specifically using aluminum gives the homeowner more freedom when designing how the exterior of the home will look. Panels are available in different widths and sizes and can be applied using a variety of methods. Cladding systems use metal siding panels and is very easy to install. It comes in a variety of textures and colours, giving designers the opportunity to create a striking look and harnessing a specific décor.
 Reducing the Carbon Footprint – Aluminum Plate Panels are recyclable, which speaks to the socially responsible interested in minimizing environmental affects caused by construction. That said, the material is very durable and often is guaranteed by top manufacturers for 40 – 50 years. Any deficiencies caused by natural wear and tear are easily repaired and panels rarely need to be replaced.
 The Modern Era – Metal siding in Toronto has a more modern look thanks to metal cladding systems. Flash, smooth panels are available in different sizes and widths, from square panels to smooth and narrow panels applied both vertically and horizontally for a unique design. Different elements of design are brought into a modern approach to architectural design, and metal cladding systems provided by top manufacturers are easy to install and easy to personalize.
 Robust and Protective – An interesting property of aluminum is that it is insect-proof, so worrying about destructive multi-legged organisms like termites is not needed! Metal siding offers additional peace of mind for Toronto dwellers where homes are very close to each other – aluminum siding is fire-resistant which not only offers peace of mind, but a lower monthly cost of home insurance.
 There are many benefits to using metal siding. Toronto homeowners can enjoy the many benefits associated with metal siding, including striking design, environmentally conscious, naturally protective and above all cost effective!

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