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Facade Systems in Canada

The Future of ACM Panels in the Construction and Infrastructure Sector

As the construction and infrastructure industries grow rapidly, so does the demand for sustainable materials that can strengthen its position. Therefore, it is won’t be a stretch to say that the future of ACM panels is beyond bright. These are flat panels that are made of two aluminum-based sheets which are bonded with a core

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Why Are ACM Panels More Expensive Than Other Exterior Panels?

Exterior cladding is becoming a must-have architectural element for any commercial or residential property. Rather than simply painting structures, homeowners and contractors are choosing to add support and functionality to their building exteriors, with these varied applications. For those of you working on your first renovation, or new building project; sorting through the array of

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How Much Do Different Types of Metal Cladding Cost?

Exterior walls come in a wide variety of applications and finishes, and are used to provide structural support, added attractiveness, and increased energy efficiency for homes and commercial buildings across the country. Over the past few years metal panels in particular have been gaining popularity in the United States and Canada. While traditional brick exteriors

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Exterior Design Elements for the Modern Home

When it comes to residential properties, it’s not just what’s on the inside that counts. On the contrary, a well put together home exterior with a slick, contemporary design can attract prospective buyers and appreciative admirers from all over your neighbourhood.  By the same token, real estate insiders reveal that cosmetic adjustments to the exterior

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What Is The Most Popular Type of Metal Cladding?

When architects and contractors look to add durability, aesthetic appeal and great design principles to their residential and commercial projects, their first choice is cladding. In particular, metal cladding offers flexibility, variety and streamlined finishes that can enhance or reinvigorate even the most dilapidated structure. Because of this popularity, manufacturers have perfected a range of

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Aluminum Plate Walls

Surfacing or resurfacing walls is the perfect way to add ambiance to any space. Whether indoors or out, there’s a growing trend that has builders, designers, and customers excited. ACM panels are easy to install and, when purchased from the right company, come with an outstanding warranty. The most sought after aluminumplate wall panels Toronto

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Architectural Wall Cladding

What Architectural Solutions Exist for Exterior Walls, and Which One is the Best? If you aren’t familiar with the term cladding, you’re not alone. A few apart from architects, designers and engineers have a working knowledge of these exterior applications.  Yet, you’re very likely to have encountered an example of cladding, while walking around in

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Aluminum Cladding

ACM panels are an excellent way to finish the interior and exterior of just about any building. They’re great looking, long lasting, and simple to install. The finest aluminum cladding Toronto has to offer even comes backed with a warranty of up to forty years. It’s no wonder that so many people are making the

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Cladding Providers

Wall cladding systems have been a growing trend for years. They can be an excellent option for those seeking a modern, sleek, and smooth looking surface and can be applied just about anywhere. There are a few options open to those seeking a great looking panel system, but only the finest cladding providers are able

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Composite Panels

Renovating a commercial space or designing a new one can be exhausting. There are countless things to consider, and one of the most important is wall claddings. Commercial composite panels are an excellent choice that can add a touch of sophistication to any space, indoor or out. ACM panel systems offer designers and builders a

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Modern Siding Options:

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