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Facade Systems in Canada

7 Top Benefits Of Using Longboard Siding

Aluminum is a very attractive material. Not only is it lightweight, but it’s also strong, resistant to corrosion, and won’t become brittle at low temperatures. It is an excellent material for housing but not the very best choice for aesthetic purposes. Longboard siding is a great option that combines the best of both worlds. This

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Metal Cladding – An Architect’s Guide Part 1

Metal cladding has hugged the twists and turns of architecture for decades. From the punched tin of Louis Sullivan to the titanium swoops of Frank Gehry, designers have embraced metal cladding for its formal flexibility and finish. Its versatility in both avant-gardes as well as off-the-shelf is what makes it so popular. This material’s strength makes it difficult for

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Different types of exterior wall panels

Different Types Of Exterior Wall Panels

You need to think beyond aesthetics when choosing exterior wall panels. You must ensure that the cladding material is suitable for your local climate and conforms to local laws. They must also contribute to energy efficiency and minimal maintenance. You also have to balance durability and appearance while keeping your maintenance budget in check. Our

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How COVID 19 Affects the Construction Industry in Toronto, Ontario

As the total number of cases across Canada climb over 7,000 at the time of writing, Canada like other countries around the world has started taking safety measures and precautions across public and private sectors.  The public has been told to limit their movement, self-quarantine, and practice social distancing to limit the speed or rate

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Modern & Stylish Aluminum Cladding Systems in Ontario

A Little Background Ontario builders and architectural designers have an exciting opportunity to channel the natural benefits of aluminum for many applications. Corporate brands including restaurants, retail outlets and banks are consistently reinventing themselves. Buildings their brands embody are easily recognized by the style of their “bricks and mortar.” Think of your local fast food

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Rain-Screen Systems

What are Rain-screen Cladding Systems? In construction terms, a rain-screen is a method of installing wall cladding in a manner that allows drainage of moisture before it can build up and cause potential damage to the wall. The rain-screen refers to the wall paneling and more specifically how it installed as a barrier against the

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Best Exterior Metal Cladding for Toronto

Toronto is well-known as a diverse and forward thinking city on the grow, but what’s lesser talked about when we build new skyscrapers is the amount of buildings which have long outlived their aesthetic appeal.  There are a number of ways to give your home an updated and sophisticated facelift, however many of these come

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Sustainable Cladding Materials in Toronto

Sustainable Panels in the Greater Toronto Area  In today’s world of renovation, consumers are looking for more than just a pretty facade – they are looking for a quality product that can stand the test of time, and also to reduce their carbon footprint by installing an environmentally sound and Eco-friendly material. Sustainable panels in

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What Are the Different Types of Exterior Cladding?

The Different Types of Exterior Cladding Materials Exterior cladding might sound like something that is barely associated with the aesthetics of a house’s exterior. However, exterior cladding does a lot more than that. It helps to protect the building from a number of things and plays a vital role in the longevity of the structure.

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What Are the Characteristics of ACM Panels?

The Characteristics of ACM Panels Much like everything else out there, architecture has been continuously evolving. There are a plethora of new trends in architecture and construction today that that did not exist a few decades ago. Aluminum Composite Panels also known as ACM panels OR ACP, are one of those novel things that are

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