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Facade Systems in Canada

What Makes ACM a Popular Choice For Exterior Cladding in Modern Construction Projects?

Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) is a hot commodity in the modern architectural and construction landscape. It is a popular choice for many modern constructions, such as machine coverings, false ceilings, container constructions, signage, etc. It is made of aluminum sheets and offers durability for both indoor and outdoor usage.  Furthermore, the contemporary and streamlined look

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4 Sustainable Facades That You Didn’t Know About

Just as you’ll find most industries out there today churning out “smart” versions of their products, architecture has a number of “smart” ideas of its own; one of them is the smart or environmentally-friendly facade. Some refer to them as building envelops, while some call them smart or sustainable claddings. The idea is relatively new

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Why Toronto Needs More Modern Homes

According to the Toronto Housing Market Analysis report by the Canadian Urban Institute, people currently renting a home in the city will have to wait between 10 and 27 years to save enough money to pay the 10 percent down payment on an average house. Here, average refers to the median-price homes that were mostly

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Why ACM Is One of the Best Choices for Modern Applications

Comprising of two aluminum sheets, Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) is a viable option for many modern applications including container construction, false ceilings, signage, machine covering, etc. Some of the reasons that make ACM suitable for a variety of applications include its lightweight and the range of colors and finishes to choose from; it is also

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Cheap vs Expensive ACM?

Today, aluminum composite material (ACM) is the preferred cladding material in high-rise buildings and some other structures. However, this wasn’t always the case. Before ACM appeared onto the scene, aluminum plate was the preferred choice for the majority of construction companies, architects, and building owners. When ACM first came out, panels made from the material

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Installing Corrugated panels

Metal wall cladding systems are among the best possible ways to modernize older buildings and to create sleek, smooth finishes on new projects. The best fabricators in the GTA have offerings made from the most sought after cladding materials in the world. With options in aluminum, aluminum composite, copper, and steel, there’s a metal cladding

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How to Repair Damaged ACM Panels?

The ideal solution for many construction applications, Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) panels are extremely robust despite their lightweight structure; this allows flexibility in both the use and application of the ACM panels. With ACM panels, you can complete even the most challenging of construction projects; this is because the panels can be customized to fit

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High Quality Cladding Solutions

Updating older buildings and designing new buildings to look as modern and sleek as possible is oftentimes best accomplished through the incorporation of high quality cladding systems. They’re a great way to create a smooth and sleek finish and are a cost effective method of cladding a wall. Choosing the right panel fabricator is paramount

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Color Psychology in Facade Cladding Design

In addition to protecting a home or office building from outside influences, a façade adds value to the structure by enhancing its appearance. Often undervalued by architects and builders, the design element of a façade can be as dynamic and diverse as the developers themselves. There are several key elements that determine the aesthetics of

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ACM composite Panels in Canada

Sustainable Metal Panels in Canada  In today’s world of renovation, consumers are looking for more than just a pretty façade – they are looking for a quality product that can stand the test of time, and also to reduce their carbon footprint by installing an environmentally sound material. ACM panels are popular, metal based cladding

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