Installing Corrugated panels

Metal wall cladding systems are among the best possible ways to modernize older buildings and to create sleek, smooth finishes on new projects. The best fabricators in the GTA have offerings made from the most sought after cladding materials in the world. With options in aluminum, aluminum composite, copper, and steel, there’s a metal cladding system ideally suited to any need. There are hundreds of colour options, and shapes and sizes to choose from, but the thought of learning how to install a paneling system can be daunting to some. Luckily, installing cladding designed by an award winning and critically acclaimed manufacturer in the GTA is a breeze.

Do it Yourself

There have been some impressive advancements in the world of metal wall cladding, not the least of which is a brilliantly simple installation system. Those who wish to install new metal panels on their own will be pleasantly surprised by the brilliance of the most innovative and simple system on the market today.

The first step in the process is to mount the Z bars. The Z bar profiles is attached directly to the wall and acts as both a guide to keep panels properly aligned and the plugin receptacle through which the panels can be secured to the wall. Once the rails have been installed, the next step is to add specialized trim around the openings in the wall. It’s rare to see a wall with no windows, doors, or ventilation openings, and paneling over such surfaces would be ill-advised. When the rails and the trim have been applied to the walls, the panels can be installed.

As a general rule, the first panel is installed at the side of the wall after being carefully leveled. It’s important to level the first panel, as each subsequent panel will be aligned according to the first. Once the first corrugated panel has been installed, the following panels are attached to the first via over lapping on first panel, as well as to the mounting rails.

Call in the Professionals

If you’re lacking in time, it may be advisable to call in a professional installation team. Having said that, it’s strongly advised that only an experienced team be called in to work on your project. If you want the best results, it’s sometimes worth calling the panel fabricator directly. They often have a list of trained and approved installers that have a firm grasp of the manufactures products and can have them installed properly in a timely manner. Installing Corrugated panel isn’t particularly difficult. In fact, the most reputable fabricators have gone through great lengths to ensure that their products are as easy to install as possible. For those with hectic schedules and business to attend to, the need to hire a professional installation team may be unavoidable. Just be sure to bring in a team that has in depth knowledge of the product you’ve chosen. This is best done by speaking with the fabricator and can be asked when choosing the panel system.

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