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The Cassette Panel System is a form of a sustainable wall cladding material. These panels are a popular type of the rain-screen and ventilated building envelope family. They can also be applied on low- to high-rise buildings.

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Cassette Panel

Nortem Cassette Panels — The Next Step in Cladding Solutions

Nortem Cassette panel is for use in all types of buildings, including high-rise residential, apartment complexes, educational facilities, retail and commercial structures. Cassette Panel is a type of cladding system. This product is %100 recyclable, reasonable in price and with the very modern appearance on the building fascia. It can be used for the exterior, interior, new construction and renovation projects. These panels provide a unique solution for faster builds, customized design and energy-efficient green initiatives.

When considering requirements for renovations or new projects, investors require high-quality, exterior applications that are up to building codes; yet these cladding systems must be easy to handle and install as well. In an environment where time is literally money, Nortem’s Cassette panels provide convenience and speed for any construction.

Unlike sheet metal cladding, these panels require no caulking or silicone during application; instead, panelling is applied on a fixed rail system incorporating hooks, clips and screws for easy attachment. This makes Cassette panels a far superior choice for large-scale repetitive projects where long labour hours would otherwise be required.

Nortem’s cassette panels are produced using a sophisticated factory line process, with each manufacturing stage strictly controlled for quality and consistency.  The panels themselves are formed using brake pressing or roll forming machines that can be adjusted to produce panels in a variety of thicknesses and lengths. Each individual panel is rectangular in shape to ensure uniformity and easy application.

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Ease of installation

Easy to install

Sustainability Factor

Totally Renewable and Sustainable Solution

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