Sustainable Cladding Products

Sustainable Panels in the GTA
In today’s world of renovation, consumers are looking for more than just a pretty façade – they are looking for a quality product that can stand the test of time, and also to reduce their carbon footprint by installing an environmentally sound material. Sustainable panels in the GTA are popular, metal based cladding systems which are attached to your home or business to give the building a needed facelift, or just to help protect your investment.
What is Cladding
Metal cladding is materials usually comprising of aluminum OR steel (although in recent years copper and zinc are growing in popularity) which are rolled and pressed together under immense pressure and heat to create thin sheets which are formed into panels. Once these panels are formed they are colored with a PVDF paint finish and baked at high temperatures to seal in the pigment. These panels connect to a pre-applied furring (the support system) that is attached to the structure after applying a protective layer to help control temperature and repel elements.
How Do Sustainable Panels in the GTA Work?
Installation is a fairly easy process which provides ample benefits. The panels, which are made from 100% recyclable materials and non-toxic paint, are either locked into place with a tongue and groove or by locking individual panels in with the furring system. In addition to providing protection and revitalization to a structure, sustainable panels in the GTA proclaim a host of other desirable qualities, such as weather and rust resistant, incest repelling, non-fading pigment, and a solid guarantee of longevity under most circumstances.
Metal cladding panels are an incredibly versatile product which can be attached to virtually any surface. Concrete, stucco, wood, steel, and even brick can all be converted as long as the structure is sound enough to bear the weight of the paneling. Older buildings can look tired and dated after exposure to the elements over a period of years and can be detrimental to your home’s value or to the perception of your business. By choosing to modernize your building’s appearance you not only increase potential interest in your property, but also create an inviting, professional façade that will protect your investment for many years to come.
Choosing An Installer
The only thing more important than choosing the right product for your home is choosing a qualified professional to install the product. While sustainable panels in the GTA are still gaining in popularity, it is quite simple for any contractor to review the information and proceed with the installation if you already have someone you trust. In turn a reputable selling of these products will likely be able to direct you to an accredited business to make sure everything runs smoothly.

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