Cassette Panels Cladding

It would be wise to explore architectural metal cladding and specially cassette panels when looking around for options to modernize an old building or create a sleek, smooth finish for a new project. Metal cassette cladding has been around for a while, but it wasn’t until one fabricator started winning design awards and critical acclaim for their unique and beautiful pieces that builders began to take notice. These days, metal paneling systems have become synonymous with splendor, but choosing a product in a sea of unworthy options can be difficult.

What is Cassette Cladding?

A cassette paneling system is comprised of metal panels that are attached to a wall such that the method of attachment is invisible to those looking at the finished wall. In some ways, it can be compared to vinyl siding on a house, but with far better results and a lustrous finish. The panels are typically made form aluminum, copper, or steel, and when purchased from the most experienced and reputable fabricator, can be found in hundreds of colors. For the environmentally aware, the finest metal paneling systems from the top manufacturer are one-hundred percent recyclable, making them a perfect fit for green buildings and anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint.
 Easy to Install
  One of the most brilliant aspects of the most popular metal paneling systems is the ease at which it can be installed. Rails are attached to the walls and special trim is added around openings like doors and windows. The first panel is usually installed from the bottom of the wall, and each of the following panels attach to both the rails and the previous panel. It’s a very fast system that will have any project looking spectacular in no time.

How to Choose the Best Cassette System

With so many choices of metal wall cladding, it can be difficult to figure out which products are the best. One sure-fire way to eliminate options and narrow choices to only the best is to look for a warranty. Companies offering products with no warranty understand that they’re making lesser quality systems, and so should you. A comprehensive and long lasting warranty provides valuable insight into the pride and craftsmanship a company puts into each of their products. The most dependable in the metal wall cladding industry offer warranties of up to forty years on their products. That’s peace of mind that the competition simply can’t match.

 Metal cassette cladding has come a long way in the last few years. It’s more widely used than it has ever been in the past, and with good reason. The simplicity of its installation mixed with its stunning looks and reasonable price point makes it an excellent option for just about any project. To learn more about the surprising variety of products offered by the best metal panel fabricator in the GTA, give them a call! They’ll be happy to guide you towards the right product for your project and answer any questions you may have along the way.

Everything You Need To Know About the NORTEM Plug-in Panel Attachment System

To understand the ease and flexibility that our plugin panel systems provide to any contractor or architect, we must consider the essential functions of exterior walls. At their most basic, these structural elements provide a barrier, separating the indoor environment from the weather and climate at large. This barrier should allow inhabitants of a property to maintain a degree of control over the prevailing conditions within.

In order to fulfill this purpose, any exterior wall must:

• Be structurally sound in order to support the load of the building

• Be durable

• Be resistant to wind, rain, heat and fire

• Provide some degree of sound and thermal insulation

• Act as an effective safeguard against outside interference from animals or humans

• Allow easy transmission of natural light, without causing undue harm to building interiors

In addition to these properties, contemporary design principles necessitate that any structural element should serve both a practical and aesthetic purpose. To this end, contractors must choose exterior walls in an appropriate, pattern, color and material to suit the overall style of the building. Finally, exterior walls must be cost-effective and quick to construct.

For decades commercial and residential cladding solutions have provided contractors and architects the best balance between these varying demands. Not only do they enhance the strength and resistance of any structure, they also provide a versatile array of design options.

NORTEM Plug-in Panels – The Next Step in Cladding Solutions

When considering requirements for renovations or new projects, investors require high-quality, exterior applications that are up to building codes; yet these cladding systems must be easy to handle and install as well. In an environment where time is literally money, Nortem’s plugin panels provide convenience and speed for any construction.

Unlike sheet metal cladding, these panels require no caulking or silicone during application; instead, paneling is applied on a fixed rail system incorporating hooks, clips and screws for easy attachment. This makes plugin panels a far superior choice for large-scale repetitive projects where long labor hours would otherwise be required.

Nortem’s cassette panels are produced using a sophisticated factory line process, with each manufacturing stage strictly controlled for quality and consistency.  The panels themselves are formed using brake pressing or roll forming machines that can be adjusted to produce panels in a variety of thicknesses and lengths. Each individual panel is rectangular in shape to ensure uniformity and easy application.

Advantages of NORTEM Plugin Panels

Versatility is perhaps the most important benefit provided by these cladding systems. Not only can cassette panels by applied to a multitude of substrates including concrete brickwork and metal, but they can also be customized in colors and textures that suit the overall vision of the architect and contractor. Compared to cladding solutions such as Aluminum Composite Material Panels OR ACM Panels, Cassette is more Eco-friendly and sustainable solution.

The polymer paints used to create these effects also provide best-in-class protection against the harshest of weather conditions, repelling dirt, rain, acid, saltwater and extreme winds with ease. The result is a durable, effective cladding system that can be expected to last for anywhere up to a 100 years with minimal maintenance.

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