Downloads & Technical Details

Here are some technical details and information that might be useful. NORTEM’s cladding system can be applied as a cosmetic facelift to the exterior surface of both new and older buildings. This is a simple process that generates a fundamental transition to the modern architectural era — catapulting building appearances from their outdated images into fashionable, trendy and slick expressions the urban outfit of 21-century demands.

Our mounting system consists of aluminum extruded or stainless steel profiles, are fastened onto the wall vertically or horizontally depending on the direction of your panels but usually perpendicular with each other. The required spacing in-between each panel depends on the design and sometimes limited to dimensions.


ACM Installation Details

Here are some aluminum composite panels section details that clearly shows the joint, caps, fasteners, extrusions, and other structural details of the final product.

ACM Panels


ALPOLIC® materials are light, flat, rigid and strong. Let’s build.

ALPOLIC® Technical Details

ALPOLIC®/fr (fire-retardant) with a mineral filled core offers the same flatness, rigidity, workability, formability and quality features of standard ALPOLIC®/PE. ALPOLIC®/fr is curvable to a 6" radius.

ALPOLIC® Corporate ID

Reveal your corporate identity in precision matched colors that retain their hue, tone and gloss for years to come. Using materials that can be precisely fabricated into your brand’s instantly recognizable forms.

ALPOLIC® Matte Series

With continuous coil coating using our advanced die coating process, ALPOLIC® materials provide a consistent and smooth matte finish of the most advanced architectural coatings available.

ALPOLIC® Timber Series

ALPOLIC®Timber Seriesmaterials are created through a unique image transfer process using state-of-the-art fluoropolymer paint technology.

ALPOLIC® Pigmento

The visible and natural texture of the QUARTZ-ZINC®will remain, but the result is a distinctive shine that offers the deep texture of a natural metal with the wide palette of man-made colors.

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